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Choosing The Right Yoga Mat – What Is The Best Yoga Mat For You?

Choosing The Right Yoga Mat – What Is The Best Yoga Mat For You?


When you first get started with yoga, you might think you have to spend a lot of money to get all the yoga accessories you need. Or, you might wonder if the yoga equipment you have seen at your local gym is even really needed. Choosing the best yoga mat for a beginner can depend on where you are going to be doing it and what kind of yoga you plan on doing. Most of just stop at the most affordable price, but today, we’ll look at all of these in much greater detail. Whether you’re doing your yoga at home or at a gym, there are many different kinds of yoga mats available. These can vary greatly depending on price range and your needs, so you should really spend some time comparing prices online before making a purchase.


Yoga Grip – A yoga mat is going to offer support for your hands, but also help to spread the weight of your body and keep you from getting too sweaty. The main purpose of your yoga grip is to provide you with a comfortable surface to hold onto during your exercises. Different grips will give you different levels of support. A cheap yoga grip will let you sweat a lot more than a more expensive one, but a quality grip will be more supportive.



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Natural Material – Natural materials are much better for practicing yoga on than synthetic materials. Not only are they more comfortable to practice on, they are also much better for you. Most synthetic materials will cause you to perspire a lot quicker than a natural material would. A rubber yoga mat is made of rubber, which is naturally a breathable material. It will allow you to sweat without feeling damp throughout your practice time.


Body Weight Alignment – Because you will be holding on to a firm surface throughout your yoga session, it will be very important that your body is properly aligned throughout the exercise. You can use a cold floor mat, but using a soft yoga mat, or a regular mat that does not have a lot of depth will give you a better workout overall. A depth in a yoga mat gives you more support to your body and helps to keep your center of gravity in check. Another benefit of a depth in the mat is that if you do end up dropping something, it will be a lot less likely to break than a flat floor mat. A cold floor mat will not be able to keep up this type of support, but a regular thick foam pad will work just fine.


Foam Mat Thickness – When you are doing yoga, it is important that you do not have to worry about slipping. The thickness of a yoga mat will help to prevent this from happening. A thick thickness will give you increased stability and will reduce the chances of slipping. Some people choose to go with a very thick thickness so that they can feel their feet and legs in the pad more comfortably. Others choose a thinner thickness because they do not want to be weighed down by the thick pad.


Which Color is the Best Yoga Mat? – You will have a much better experience if you select the color that you want, and if the mat matches the room that you plan to practice yoga in. For instance, if you practice in an air conditioned room, then you should select a yoga mat that is made of thicker material that will help to cushion your body from the heat and cold of the air. If you practice in a room that has a lot of sunshine coming in through the windows, then you can get away with a mat that is made of lighter material. When you are choosing the right yoga mat, you need to match the decor of the room with the color and the texture of the mat to make for a comfortable and enjoyable practice time.




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Which Material is the Best Yoga Mat? – This question is fairly simple to answer. You will need to choose whether you want to purchase a mat that is made from a thick or thin material or one that is a mixture of the two. Thick mats, such as neoprene, provide more traction and more comfort, but they also can get very heavy, and they are not easy to roll away from your workout.



Thinner mats, such as cotton, provide more flexibility, but are not heavy, and they are easy to toss into the back of a workout cart or carry with you. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all comes down to what you prefer. The most important thing is to choose the yoga mat that makes it easiest for you to perform all of your poses.





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