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Yoga and Pilates For Your Workout

Yoga and Pilates For Your Workout

Yoga was originated in India more than 5000 years ago. It has been practiced widely in many parts of the world since then. Yoga combines meditation, physical exercises and breathing techniques with the goal of reaching a state of self-awareness and tranquility. The ultimate aim of Yoga is to join the human body, mind and spirit together. Trainers of Yoga see each of these three components as a whole and if these techniques are applied in the right surroundings, Yoga can be an efficient means to heal the physical body and improve overall mental health.



What is Yoga? Yoga consists of an elaborate system of postures, or asanas, which are similar to stretches in dance. These postures are known as « asanas ». Some of the most common yoga asanas include the sun salutation, the Boat pose, the forward bend, the sitting posture, the crossed arms posture, the triangle, the upward facing dog, the plank and the pug leadha. Most asanas are done in order to stretch the muscles, strengthen the body and prepare the mind for further activities.


What is yoga ? What is it for ?



Why should you practice Yoga? There are many reasons why a person would want to strengthen their core strength. Many people have reported that they experience less muscle tension and improved overall wellbeing when they begin practicing yoga. If these benefits sound interesting to you, it may be time to give this ancient art a try.


Yoga differs from other exercises in a number of ways. The first main difference is that yoga exercises focus on correct breathing techniques. You must learn how to breathe into each pose, and you must concentrate on the breath as you move through the movements. Another main difference between yoga and other exercises is that it is possible to perform poses for several minutes without taking a breath.


If you suffer from back pain, yoga classes may be very beneficial. This is because yoga works the muscles in your back and abdomen, which are two important muscles for healing. Core strength and muscle tone can improve your posture and take some pressure off your joints. If you are looking for an exercise routine that will help you with both of these goals, yoga may be what you’re looking for.


There is one exercise that you should definitely do while you’re trying to find a yoga or Pilates workout that will help relieve your chronic back pain and improve your posture: the plank. A plank is performed standing on a mat. Begin your yoga or Pilates workout by placing your hands under your buttocks. With your hands to your side, place your hips in a push-up position. Straighten your arms and raise your chest toward the ceiling.


In this yoga pose, you’ll want to raise your legs and toes while straightening your back. Once you’ve raised your legs, bend your knees and put your palms on the floor. Open your eyes and roll your shoulders as high as you can. Roll your neck as far back as you can, and close your eyes. Inhalation will feel like you are lying on your belly. When you exhale, breathe in and out deeply, and you’ll end up balancing on your toes.



What is yoga ? What is it for ?



These are just some of the yoga and Pilates exercises that you can do to strengthen and tone your core muscles and increase your ability to move fast-pacedly. Yoga and Pilates aren’t just designed for athletes and fitness models. They are perfect for anyone who wants to increase his or her flexibility and strength. You can even use yoga and Pilates for weight loss if you combine the workout with some fast-paced, low impact cardio exercises.

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