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Can Face Yoga Perks Really Help Reduce Wrinkles?

Can Face Yoga Perks Really Help Reduce Wrinkles?

Many people are now interested in trying out yoga. For one thing, there are more yoga studios opening every day. Many are even located right outside of your apartment. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, but didn’t know where to go or what to do, then it’s worth your time to look into this new trend. But, how does face yoga really work?
Facial yoga is an exercise program that is specifically designed to train the more-over 50 muscles in your face, jaw, and scalp, to get a tighter, firmer more toned face, without using the usual products, creams, and serums found in the anti-aging makeup aisle. The technique utilizes the same type of breathing techniques as restorative yoga to train the facial muscles. Yoga uses many of the same techniques that bodyworkers use to make their bodies as toned and beautiful as possible. It also uses a lot of breathing exercise techniques toeep the face fresh and breathing fresh during the workout.

There are a few different types of yoga that are designed for face muscles. One is called open mouth yoga. In this form of yoga exercises, your mouth is kept open as you inhale and exhale. This allows the air to get to the muscles and get them warmed up. Most of these exercises concentrate on keeping your lips closed during the exercises so face muscles will not be affected.


Another way to target the face muscles while yoga is doing the traditional face workouts is with a Swedish style facial exercise called cross twist. With the help of a mirror, you view yourself from the eye line, crossing your arms and then twisting your body into the twist motion. The twists in this movement can target the piriformis, or the group of small muscles that run from just above the eyes to the lower throat. The piriformis helps to stabilize the spine and the lower back. So doing a simple twist like this can work wonders for anyone who suffers from any type of back pain.


Many people who have used a Swedish style facial exercise to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles are pleased with the results. Others who have tried the same procedure were not satisfied with the results they saw. What makes this type of yoga so effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles? The answer is elasticity. The elasticity of the skin is something that is easily lost over time and when you do not get enough sleep, you are more likely to see aging effects such as wrinkles and fine lines.


The Swedish style facial exercises focus on keeping the skin tight and toned, which helps with face elasticity. It works on maintaining the fluid nature of the face where the muscle tone and volume are consistent. This keeps the face youthful and able to stay fresh longer. This is not easy when you consider that the muscle that controls the expression of your facial expressions and moves your lips is on your neck, not your face. It takes some effort to make sure that the muscles are toned and the face retains its youthful appearance.


Facial exercises can also work well if you have puffy eyes. Fine lines will be less apparent and your wrinkles will look less deep-set, according to Dr. Robin Marcus, a professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign. Of course, you do not have to stop the use of these exercises in order to reduce puffy eyes. You simply need to do them some more. For most people, however, puffy eyes are simply one of the side effects of old age.


You may even see results faster than those observed in Dr. Marcus’ study. In his study, the participants saw results within only two weeks, but it took participants thirty minutes of yoga per day. If you want to keep your wrinkles at bay, or simply improve your complexion, you should try a couple of ten-minute sessions each day.

Facial Yoga – Rid Your Face of Wrinkles and Fine Lines




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