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Yoga Mats – Made From Recycled Rubber & Synthetic Fibers

Yoga Mats – Made From Recycled Rubber & Synthetic Fibers



Yoga mats are specially manufactured mats designed to avoid feet and hands slipping on smooth floor surface during asana exercise asanas  . An original, an improved and the latest model all in one is called a quelle taille de tapis. This type of mat has a quilted design on all four sides. It is made from rubber and is available in various colors and sizes.

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It helps to create as much friction between the mat and your shoes as possible so that your yoga exercise is more comfortable. This mat is a multi-purpose item and can be used both on hard floors as well as on bare ground. These types of mats come in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors, and most commonly in black, white and brown. They are designed with interlocking hooks and loops to form a closed and strong pack which helps to hold one’s weight as they are walked or sat on. They are also known by various names like the « saddle foot mat » and « tiger skin mat ».


This type of yoga mat can be made to have a soft texture or a firm one, depending on the user’s preference. They are usually firm in texture, as this helps to create firmness in the grip. The texture should be of good quality, not like a cheap foam that easily gets torn apart. Usually, they have a textured, rough or waxy surface that provides grip. However, users prefer to have a textured surface that has a proper alignment to their feet.


The sticking of yoga mats can be done with or without a sticky substance. Some companies use a liquid, sticky substance to make the sticking of the mat more firm and easier. This is used in mass production. The sticking of the mat is done in such a way so that it has a proper resistance to slip. The texture should have proper friction between its grains to give traction and stickiness to the mat.


The postures on the mat should allow proper absorption of the sweat. It should enable the sweat to stay locked in the mat. In case it does not allow the absorption of sweat, it will encourage the production of bacteria in the gym or at home. Therefore, yoga postures require a proper absorbing of sweat in order to prevent the formation of bacteria.


Yoga clothing can be made from different materials such as cotton, jute, hemp and Manila rugs. Cotton yoga mats are the most popular because of their light weight. It is also the most comfortable type of yoga mat to sit on and practice yoga. However, cotton yoga mats may break easily with prolonged use, especially if one tends to stand on them for a long time. It can also easily absorb the sweat from one’s body as the cotton fibers can easily get saturated with sweat.


Jute yoga mats are commonly used in Ayurvedic massage parlors. They are very soft and absorbent, which make them ideal for massage purposes. This is why it is often used during Ayurvedic massages as the rubbing action it imparts on the body helps in soothing sprains, bruises and other injuries of the body. Jute mats are generally expensive because of its absorbency, which may be why they are not often used as yoga mats.


Recently, yoga mats made from recycled rubber and synthetic fibers have started to gain popularity among yogis. These kinds of yoga mats are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and cheap. Recycled rubber and synthetic fibers do not contain harmful chemicals which pose a threat to our health when used repeatedly as they release dangerous emissions that contribute to global warming. Apart from this, they are good sports equipment which can help improve strength, balance and flexibility of the body. In addition to this, they can be availed at reasonable prices from many online stores.



High quality 6mm thick mat, environmentally friendly, high performance grip, ultra dense padding for support and stability in yoga 



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