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10 Benefits of Practicing Yoga on a Mat

10 Benefits of Practicing Yoga on a Mat



Yoga increases flexibility, balance and strength. A combination of gentle stretching and steady, controlled movement helps to develop mental awareness, body awareness, self-awareness, and grace. Do it: poses for breath and body



One of the first goals of yoga is to establish a strong spine. We all know that our spine supports and cushions the weight of our body. The prime benefit of practicing yoga is developing an awareness of your body’s alignment, internal organs, and how they interrelate. To achieve a strong spine, we must consciously lengthen and strengthen our back. Try it: Downward Facing Dog (Pose), Headstand (Pose), Child’s Pose (Pose), Trikonasana (Mountain Pose), Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose), Sun Salutation (Pose), Lotus Pose (Extended Lotus Pose), Kapalabhati (Mountain Pose), Trikonasana (Extended Circle Pose), Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Suitcase Poses), Bikram Yoga, or any other type of yoga.


Another benefit of yoga is stretching the shoulders. The shoulders, like the back, serve to support the entire weight of our bodies. When we use correct posture and stretch the shoulders, we strengthen that part of our body. Try it: Pascimottasana (Sculpting Position), Sarvangasana (Concentration Pose), Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose), Trikonasana (Extended Lotus Pose), Sun Salutation (Pose), or any other type of stretching you can do. If you have an injury, remember that stretching the shoulders with yoga will be much more helpful than with stretches for the back.


Yoga Classes – Benefits Of Yoga


The third benefit of yoga is improving the mental balance. Mental health is as important, if not more important, than physical health. Improving your mental state can affect your body, and the way you feel and do things. Two of the major components of mental health are concentration and deep breathing techniques.


The fourth benefit of yoga helps you deal with stress. In stressful situations, the conscious mind is usually at odds with the subconscious mind. While yoga helps you relax both thoughts and feelings, the conscious mind usually takes over from there. Concentrate on your breathing, and let the unconscious mind to take care of what needs to be done.


The fifth benefit of yoga, and one that most people overlook, is that yoga helps you sleep better at night. Insomnia is very common in the US. People who suffer from insomnia tend to have poor sleep hygiene, which can lead to restlessness, irritability, and depression. Regular yoga classes help you sleep better at night.


The sixth benefit of yoga helps you build strength and stamina. Many people want to achieve a certain physical goal for whatever reason. Whether it’s to lose weight or to gain muscle, yoga helps you achieve your goals. It has been proven to build strength and stamina.


The seventh benefit of yoga is preventing high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Many people who have hypertension find that regular yoga practice helps to lower it. In addition, yoga helps to prevent other health problems from occurring as well, such as arthritis and constipation.


The next benefit of yoga is balance. Many people are unaware that they are not balanced. Yoga helps to re-establish the body balance. As you strengthen your muscles throughout your practice, you will notice a better balance as you move through your day.


The tenth benefit of yoga is increased strength. Not only do yoga poses to improve your posture, they also improve your overall balance. As you strengthen your muscles through regular practice, they become more adaptable to movement. You will be more aware of where your body is in relation to your limbs and joints. As a result, you will be more likely to prevent injuries and pain.



Yoga Classes – Benefits Of Yoga



The final benefit of these poses is stress reduction. These relaxing poses not only stretch the muscles and connective tissues, they also relieve stress. When you think about it, a lot of the activities in our lives now involve too much stress. From work, to relationships, to finances, to sports, our lives are filled with too much stress.


Although there are many other benefits of practicing yoga, from improving posture, to relieving stress, to strengthening muscles, breathing techniques, and balance, the best way to experience all these benefits is through practicing yoga on a mat. A yoga mat is the ideal surface to practice yoga on because it keeps your body in constant alignment. Plus, a yoga mat can also help you meditate and enjoy the relaxing, rhythmic movements.





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