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How to Do Facial Yoga

How to Do Facial Yoga



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Facial yoga is just one part of this hugely popular yoga method and its primary aim is to train the facial nerves to enhance their appearance. As the old saying goes, your face is your own mirror, so, training the facial muscles in a regular, consistent way will surely help maintain a healthy and young appearance. This is also one of the easiest ways to tone your face up and erase those unsightly zits that have developed over time. If you are someone who likes to change your look frequently, then this facial exercise method might be best for you!


There are various different kinds of facial exercises that you can do. First is repetitive breathing deep within your diaphragm. You can do this whenever you feel a little stressed out or tense. When you breathe properly, you will release any tension in the different muscle groups of your face including the eyes and the brows. When you breathe deeply, you can feel the tension in these areas and as a result, you can use your facial muscles to ease or completely eliminate the tension.


Another good way to relax your face is through facial exercises. You can start by keeping your chin up and your eyes closed. Slowly open your eyes and move your chin forward till it is resting comfortably on your forehead. Next, you can inhale deeply and repeat a light squeeze of your throat muscles until you feel some tension released from your face. Repeat these exercises five times before going back to smiling.


Some of you may notice that your face becomes tauter after you have completed these exercises. You may also begin to sweat profusely. To reduce this, do the same breathing exercises but instead of inhaling, exhale. You should also try not to tense up your muscles any more by doing these exercises. The main goal is to relax the muscles and allow blood flow to the affected areas.


Facial yoga can help you lessen the appearance of wrinkles particularly around the mouth. Research has shown that regular yoga practice can promote good skin health, which in turn reduces wrinkles. The reason for this is that relaxing muscles around your face can increase blood flow to that area and this can make the skin cells regenerate faster.


You can also focus your attention on relaxing your face muscles if you want to reduce the appearance of lines around your eyes and forehead. To do so, you should first close your eyes gently. Then you should concentrate on lifting your chin up slowly while repeating a small smile every few seconds. If you are unsure about how to do this, then you can simply practice this by focusing on lifting your chin up without any pressure at all.


Now you should move your attention to the lower lip. In order to do this, you should hold this position for 6 seconds. Then you should move your lips to the right and open them slowly and forcibly. When your lips are open, this will create a slight curve in your upper lip. This will make your lip look younger.


The benefits of yoga on your skin and overall well-being are numerous. If you want to get your youthful appearance back, you should consider performing these simple exercises as well as other forms of yoga. It has been proven that regular yoga practice can provide a lot of benefits including better well-being, greater flexibility, and improved circulation as well as increased strength. It can even help you get rid of some wrinkles as well.



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