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Facial Yoga For Toning, Relaxing, And Clearing Your Mind

The Ultimate Guide to The Face Yoga Method

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Facial yoga  is basically an alternative to expensive, plastic cosmetic anti-wrinkle methods. The health and beauty practice features a variety of different facial workouts designed to tone and mold your face muscles over time, reducing lines and wrinkles. Annelise Hagen, founder and creator of  Yoga Face was quoted in an interview with Shape Magazine as saying, « Yoga is a great way to get more blood flowing. It is also a great way to relieve stress. »


The practice works by utilizing various asanas (poses) to stretch and strengthen muscles, which firm and tones facial muscles. Many people who have tried this method have reported major results in tightening and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. One such popular facial yoga routine called the chopsticks contains yoga poses designed to help you work on your neck, face, chin, and eyes. It can be done at home, which is nice; or if you do not want to invest in home equipment, you may want to consider using a class at a community yoga center.


If you do not have time to commit to a yoga class at a wellness center, you may want to try doing it at home. To perform the chopsticks pose, first position yourself on your mat with your back straight. Next, cross your arms on your chest and then cross your legs, placing your big toes on the floor in front of your feet. Next, repeat the yoga moves performed on the mat while watching your knees and upper body in a relaxed manner. If you are having trouble getting into a consistent repeating pattern, you can also use a mirror to help you see your posture.


To perform the handstand, raise your palms up as high as possible and interlock your fingers. Then, lower your arms and twist your hands so that one index finger and one middle fingers are pointing upwards and the other fingers are pointing downwards. Bring your hands back to the original position and repeat the exercise. You can increase the difficulty of this move by leaning forward slightly, lifting one or two of your fingers off the ground, or raising and lowering your wrists.

Another effective facial exercise is the side angle . With your forehead resting on a pillow or your forearm flat against the back of your chair, rotate your head back toward your spine. In this position, squeeze your cheek muscles until your face looks square. Move your chin forward and breathe deeply, as this will calm your breathing and increase your facial blood flow. When you exhale, your face will expand outward.


The headstand is another well-known facial exercise that is often included in a fitness program. While laying down on your mat, bend your head forward and rest your chin on the top of your shoulders. With your upper body still, hold your fingers in front of your knees, allowing tension to be built between your fingers and your forearms. Then, lean back until you are able to easily support your head and your neck.


If you’re looking for a new way to relax, you might look into the many facial exercises that are available on DVD. One such technique is called Murphy yoga. Murphy is a yogi who has created a series of DVDs that work to relax muscles and help with stress relief. Because he was trained as an athletic trainer, many of the yoga poses he teaches involve poses that help athletes train, and he has also incorporated yoga movements that help with flexibility, strength, alignment, and posture.


Facial toning exercises can do much more than simply make you look better. If you are stressed, your skin can become dry and rough, wrinkles can appear, and your hair can get knotted up. Working those muscles can improve circulation and help fight bacteria and aging. In combination, this results in a less wrinkled face and better tone.



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