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Facial Yoga – Use This Face Yoga Method For Yourself

Facial Yoga – Use This Face Yoga Method For Yourself


Facial exercises to eliminate double chin  can be performed with the simple help of yoga postures. There are many different types of yoga poses but in order to experience good results, you must select the right one for the specific problem you have. The most effective facial exercises to eliminate double chin are all those that will keep the face straight and allow your throat to open fully. In other words, if you keep your face as straight as a board and your head as high as your eyes then you will achieve the maximum benefit from performing facial exercises.

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There is a particular type of yoga poses that can help you if your double chin is a problem. This technique is called Fish hook pose and it can be easily learned from a qualified tantra teacher. The basic concept is to use the upper torso as the support for the lower head. If you want to learn the Fish hook pose, start by lying on your back with your buttocks just beneath the head and with both hands placed neatly on your thighs, pulling them slightly upwards towards the chest.


Next, you should pull your chin up as far as you could. Once you have pulled your chin up to this level, you should move your lips away from the chest cavity. Now move your lips slowly down the throat and towards the back of your throat, moving your tongue along with the movement of your lips. This technique will gently pull the fat from the cheeks and neck and as you continue with this facial yoga exercises, you will notice that the fat will start to melt away from your cheeks. Facial exercises to eliminate double chin have also shown good results in reducing the fat under the eyes.


Another important aspect of facial exercises to eliminate double chin  is to use an upward facing dog. This is the exact opposite of a U-shape. In this pose, you will lean forward and hold the bent-over position, as if you are trying to touch your upper lip. Now move your head as far as possible and place your lower eyelids along the upper lip. You should be able to feel the fat underneath your upper lip melting away.


Most people who suffer from facial lines and double chins have their origins in yoga. Yoga postures like Headstand, Cheststand and Dolphin pose were specifically developed to reduce facial fat. Other facial yoga exercises include Twists, Smile, Elbow twists, Fade, and Diamond. These yoga poses strengthen your muscles and help you in toning the facial muscles. Once you master these yoga exercises, you can use yoga as a powerful fat-burning exercise to eliminate a double chin and other stubborn facial fat.


Another good  facial yoga exercise is to use an upside-down headstand. Begin this technique by laying on your face with your upper torso straight and your buttocks close to your heart. Then rotate your head down until your forehead faces the floor. You should be able to feel your neck muscles contract while your upper body sinks down into your core.


Now it is time to do the Twist. This is another great exercise to get rid of a double chin. In this technique, stand with your feet apart. Bring one hand behind your head and rest it on the inner edge of your tongue. Now twist your head to the other side and bring your right hand down toward your left shoulder.


It has been scientifically proven that yoga leads to increased circulation. The more blood that is circulating in your face, the less wrinkles and fine lines you’ll see. This is why it’s very effective in reducing double chins and other aging signs. Try this face yoga method for yourself today. It could very well help you regain your youthful appearance.




Facial exercises to eliminate double chin




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