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Best Results From Facial Yoga Exercises

Best Results From Facial Yoga Exercises




Facial yoga is a great way to achieve perfect facial  contour by putting much emphasis on the muscles in the facial area. While some exercise and controlled diet may help you lose excess body fat, it’s the facial fat that is most challenging to lose. Doing these exercises every day is very beneficial for anyone wanting to develop that perfect skin. Here are some facial yoga guidelines you can do to eliminate your double chin within a matter of weeks:

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Probably, the most recognized face of all people while posing online, fish hook helps in getting rid of your doubled chin. To do this facial yoga exercise, lie down on your back with your face facing up. Then get down to your chest and cross your arms over your chest. Now twist your head to the side and lift your chin up slightly. Hold for five breaths. Do this facial yoga exercise about three times each day.


A popular and effective facial yoga exercise is called the chop. It is performed by folding your upper arms and then chop them against your lower jaw line. You need to make a « chop » sound with your lips and then quickly move your lips to the position at the base of the neck. The reason for this exercise is to tighten the facial skin and remove excess fat. You should try to avoid raising your chin up too high as it may increase your double chin as well.


Another facial yoga exercise to eliminate extra fat is to tilt your head backwards and then bring it towards your eyes. You have to tilt your head backwards until your forehead faces your eyes and then push your eyes up. This will target the area of the forehead that is often concealed by the double chin. It is advisable to do this several times daily and after doing it for a while, you may find it difficult to do without it. You can also try using an additional mirror to check if your eyes are puffy because you have lost fat from your face.

You can also try out the « Pinsukil Technique. » In this technique, you need to lie down with your face touching your partner’s stomach. Then, you simply pin your partner’s nose against your chin and move in small circles. For this technique to work effectively, you need to practice it for about ten seconds before you take your next breath. During the ten seconds, your partner will feel the pressure caused by your breathing. If done correctly, your partner will not feel any discomfort.


There are other facial exercises that you can try out. One of the best is called the Halangoid Pose. This technique improves the tone and strength of the cheekbones, the two uppermost areas of the face. It also enhances the appearance of your skin by removing the extra fat and cellulite.


The third is called the Smiling Face Pose. In this pose, you have to slowly stand up with your back straight and your chest facing the sky. As you keep your gaze on your nose, you have to move your lips in such a way that your lower lip forms a smile shape. To get the best results, you have to practice this pose for about five to eight seconds before taking a breath.


Another great exercise is called Triphala. In this pose, you have to sit on your mat in one corner and put your palms on the floor directly above your head. In this position, your body has to be straight. Then, you have to cross your legs and place one foot in the middle of the outer edge of the inner foot. You have to gently rotate your head from side to side and open your mouth as wide as possible.



Facial exercises to eliminate double chin


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