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Tips to Reduce Double Chin

Tips to Reduce Double Chin


Yoga has many answers to common, day-to-day worries. Will the age-old ancient practice really help eliminate a double chin? « Yes, definitely, » says Dr. Michael Yapko, author of Yoga for Stress Relief and an adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.



« The biggest benefit is that yoga can change how your body feels about itself, » says Dr. Yapko. « For example, by focusing on correcting your posture, you will discover a new sense of confidence and well-being, not to mention a chiseled jawline. » Of course, you might be worried about getting old, or being ridiculed for your aging appearance. But Yoga can help you feel better about yourself, even as you age. In fact, Yoga may be just what you need to get rid of that double chin.


The reason that Yoga is so good for aging is that it keeps muscles toned. When you perform facial exercises, such as cross-arm balances and chair pose, your facial muscles are actually stretched out. The problem is that these same muscles are often pulled into a tight position when you do standard stretches. This tightness will eventually manifest physically, as wrinkles and lines develop on your face. But, with yoga, flexibility is maintained throughout the workout, so you avoid this tightness and unnecessary muscle tension. This is the one reason why experts agree that regular yoga practice is a great idea for anyone looking to stay youthful on a long-term basis. »

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