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Yoga Face Treatment

Yoga Face Treatment


yoga face

The Yoga Face (Omispharmacology) is a sixty-minute facial rejuvenation protocol based on the art of Yoga. It has been scientifically proven to noticeably reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enhance collagen production, smooth out pores, and minimize facial scars. Unlike other treatments that only temporarily mask symptoms, Yoga Facials work to eliminate the source of acne – by improving your body’s ability to heal itself. There are many factors that contribute to acne, from stress to hormonal imbalances. By practicing and maintaining a consistent Yoga routine, you can address these factors and, in turn, clear your skin up to eighty percent faster than with any other method.


For this reason, the yoga face and body program are often recommended for patients undergoing surgical face lifts or rhinoplasty. Before beginning your treatment, be sure to consult your doctor. If you’ve been treated previously for acne, your doctor will know what your options are and which facial poses will give you the best results. The exact treatment program your doctor will prescribe is ultimately up to you, but there are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment. First, make sure to complete a full face lift or rhinoplasty before beginning your yoga face program, or your progress may be slowed.


Also, it is important to start your yoga face and body program early, preferably right after getting your first facial lift or rhinoplasty. Start simple – start with ten minutes of soothing pranayama or basic facial exercises. It’s also important to remember that the goal of this treatment is not only to remove old scar tissue, but also to bring your face back to an optimal state of health. Avoid stressing your facial muscles by avoiding vigorous activity or excessive frowning, and remember to drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. Your yoga practitioner will guide you through the different stretches and exercises and help you stay properly aligned throughout your session




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