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Tips and Strategies for Avoiding a Cleft Chin

Tips and Strategies for Avoiding a Cleft Chin


Are you tired of all the jokes and comments on your double chin and crooked nose? Are you looking for ways to fix your double chin? If so, here are a few tips and strategies for avoiding a cleft chin.

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Good Posture – Many people with a double chin have poor posture. When standing tall, their shoulders should be fully extended out in front of them, not drooping. Good posture is a key to good posture, because a slouched posture can put unnecessary stress on the neck and shoulder joints, resulting in aches, pains, and even injuries.


Good Technique – Getting Rid of Your Double Chin Before It Gets Worse. Some people think that a quick fix to a double chin is to pull or lift some muscles, such as the trapezius or triceps. While doing these exercises can get rid of some of the slack skin, they do nothing to help fix the problem area. In addition, many of these stretching exercises only work for a few short seconds, after which the skin and muscle tighten back up again. There are several exercise routines that stretch the muscles deep within the body, lasting up to 30 seconds, but they are not a permanent solution, as the problem will still return as soon as you stop doing them.




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