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Yoga Facial Exercises For Wrinkles

Yoga Facial Exercises For Wrinkles



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View our full feature on Annelise Hagen’s The Yoga Face by Annelise Hagen. Yoga is a great way to exercise and increase flexibility and this DVD focuses on using yoga as a tool for achieving a youthful face and body. Women all over the world attempt to keep their faces appear younger by trying everything from costly plastic surgery to costly Botox and invasive procedures like laser resurfacing. However, most are unsuccessful in their quest to have younger looking skin and lose that extra layer of fat around the eyes.


Yoga is an excellent way to achieve both of these goals because it is so easy to do and you can reap the rewards immediately. There are a multitude of yoga facial exercises you can do to help combat the sagging areas around your eyes. Yoga can also help tone your face muscles which will in turn help you achieve a more youthful and firmer face. To start you off, we recommend that you first try some basic yoga facial exercises like Kapalabhati. This gentle pose can be done with your whole upper body in the pose and requires you to stand with your feet shoulder width apart.


Next you should hold tension like a knot by placing your thumb and forefinger on the inside of your wrist. Now you simply twist the wrist clockwise and counterclockwise while relaxing the muscles in your face. After a few repetitions, try holding this same position but this time use your thumb and forefinger to release the pressure. Keep doing this until you feel yourself starting to notice a reduction in facial muscles and wrinkles. If you want to find out more about this DVD or to learn other yoga face exercises, visit the website below.



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