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Yoga Face and Body Exercises Are a Natural Alternative to Facial Creams and Botox

Yoga Face and Body Exercises Are a Natural Alternative to Facial Creams and Botox



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Yoga is a great way to exercise, but one of the best things about yoga is that it provides an effective and efficient way to cleanse and care for the face. The face is often called the mirror of the body because it reflects the inner self and the changes we go through in our day to day lives. Yoga is a wonderful workout that not only help tone the muscles, but it also improves circulation and reduces stress. It can be used to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles, bags under the eyes, sagging skin and crow’s feet around the eyes.


There are many different kinds of yoga face and body exercises, which can help to rejuvenate and cleanse the face. Some of these include yoga headstands, shoulder stands and stretching and isometric exercises. These techniques can be accomplished by using thick or light weights, or even breath control. For best results and firmness, it’s recommended to use an EZ face cleanser and cream, such as one made with rose quartz and is proven to deeply moisturize the skin and help to exfoliate dead skin cells, resulting in a clear complexion.


The EZ face and body cleansing routine consist of gentle exercises that gently tighten and tone the muscles of the face and body, while also reducing the signs of aging. This natural alternative can be done anywhere at anytime and doesn’t require any special gear or props. By utilizing these yoga face and body exercises, you will not only find yourself looking younger, but feeling better about yourself as well. In addition, using natural alternative methods to care for your face is healthier and safer than using collagen or synthetic fillers that can be harsh on the skin.




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