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Is Yoga Face Exercises As Good As They Say?

Is Yoga Face Exercises As Good As They Say?



Welcome to my Yoga Face Cleansing Secrets, where I’m going to show you how to cleanse and care for your face in ways that don’t involve (and usually are not) surgery! Many of us have been looking at ways to revitalize our skin and regain the radiance we once enjoyed but now that we’re faced with the many environmental factors that contribute to aging, many of us turn to products such as creams and lotions, which promise the world but often fail to deliver. This is where my Yoga Face Cleansing Secrets comes into play! Created by Annelise Hagen of Hagen Training, the Yoga Face offers an innovative, fast-acting approach to eliminating wrinkles, sagging, dark circles and other signs of aging.

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The basic methods that are taught in Hagen’s classes focus on the development of a deep-cleaning awareness and a controlled, invigorating exfoliating program. With these two principles in place, she is able to offer her students a natural alternative to invasive procedures like Botox and plastic surgery. These are also effective when it comes to addressing the many aesthetic issues of the face and neck, which include lines, wrinkles, drooping eyelids, sagging skin, double chins and more. In fact, many of the problems that exist in the area around the eyes actually originate from within, so through regular yoga face exercises, one can address the real cause of these problems and begin to regain some youthful radiance and vitality!


While many yoga face exercises will focus mainly on the face, certain yoga techniques offer deeper benefits, including increased flexibility, stress relief and overall health and well being. Some of these techniques, including breathing practices and meditation, may seem a bit strange, even counter intuitive, but many have reported increased well being, especially after a few weeks of consistent practice. Of course, there is no magic cure for age-related facial aging, but the right yoga face exercises can definitely slow down the effects of time. It may be just a matter of trying a few different yoga styles and observing which one seems to offer the best benefits. No matter what you decide, though, remember that this age old form of therapy offers a number of unique benefits that you may not be aware of, including the possibility of new collagen production, improved eye coordination, improved skin texture and firmness, increased flexibility, reduced anxiety and stress, and so much more!




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